Symmetrical hi / lo bath


Characteristic of the Pallieter hi-lo adjustable bath is its symmetrical shape, allowing clients to sit both on the left and on the right.

Interference-sensitive accessories are omitted for maximum safety and technical reliability.

This Pallieter height adjustable bath is designed on the basis of years of experience of users. This practical, safe and cost-effective bath has been created by translating the wishes of healthcare managers into customized technical and ergonomic solutions.

The Pallieter is equipped with a comfortable anti-slip bottom. The bath can be operated directly by all employees without any explanation. The bath is technically and ergonomically of the highest level and excels in quality and reliability.




The bath has the following features:

  • symmetrical bath L180 cm: care recipients can sit on the right or left side, which is easy for both left- and right-handed caretakers
  • electrically adjustable 400 mm in height
  • comfortable anti-slip bottom
  • large sturdy handles
  • no sharp or protruding parts or edges
  • can be provided with a bath shortener to prevent slipping
  • can empty in a short time
  • very stable construction, also in the highest position
  • compact dimensions
  • operation by switches on both long sides (handcontrol operation is optionally available)
  • 8 year warranty on frame and tub*